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I feel I've made progress on my FaceBook dilema.  I've gotten rid of my old profile page (I think) while retaining still, "James Hooker - The Amazing Rhythm Ace" page.  In order to do that, I had to open a dummy ME page and assign admin of JH-TARA to that ME page....a bit like herding cats......

.......or monkeys fucking a football.  Same thing.

I do music - I've never done anything else.  Anything!  It's fed me and mine for well over half a century now.  I'm blessed.  I'm still doing 10's, 2's, and 6's in my little studio downstairs, five days a week.  Of course, along comes Saturdays (like today) when I sit straight up in bed at 06:30 with a melody in my head;  God is a good boss, but he sure likes to sling more than a little overtime my way.  That's not a complaint.  I love it.  Plus, Music Supervisors tend to work 26/9/367 and seem to want that cue 10 minutes ago.  But I love 'em anyway.  

​So, the old Facebook page is gone and hidden to hell and back - I hope!  Now, maybe I can actually communicate with people other than those who somehow possess a sixth grade education but have, somehow, in some way, acquired double PHD's in Constitutional Law and Rocket Science. 
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On July 20th, 2019, I will start my seventy-second trip around the Sun. My birthday gift to myself, apart from giving up the cigs, is to put a sharp wooden stake into the heart of my little corner of Facebook - even my music pages. Mr. Zuckerberg can kiss my ass whilst riding a tricycle. On that day, all will be deleted.
Friends and fans of mine can still find me at several places so far; my blog, “Homemade Sin”, from where you are reading this post.
My music publishing site is tipjarmusic.com
jameshooker.net is still there - it's where my blog is located. You can also find me over at https://soundcloud.com/james-hooker This is where I post songs both new and old.
I’m reluctantly giving up the many followers/fans of my “James Hooker, The Amazing Rhythm Ace” facebook page. Follow me, if you will, over into the blogosphere from whence I started. Leave a comment.
I wish you all well. And yes, I’ll send up hopes and prayers for your Grandmothers sister in laws next door neighbor's hemorrhoid operation. And, whoever your candidate may be, I hope they fall flat on their ass. While I'm at it, if you're mean to children, dogs, cats, and horses, I hope you fucking die.

**UPDATE**  I think it worked.  Link]]>